Help with online dating?


I have been registered on an online dating website for a little while now, and dont seem to be gettin anywhere. Any help and advice is welcome, and a link to my profile is


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I like I’ve never heard of the site you’re on, but on okaycupid, everyone I know has gotten dates.


I agree with the first answerer, is much better then plentyoffish. actually my boyfriend and I met through that site. give it a shot people on there are nicer

Shih Tzu

Don’t do it.

Izzy B

It may be because online dating does not usually work out. While some people may find someone they are interested in, you should go and meet people at places that interest you. Who knows? Someone who seems cool could be an old fat guy living in his parents basement trying to amuse himself or a ten year old doing it as a dare.

Daniel Cormier

Well, I don’t recommend plentyoffish (too much scam). I’d rather try some different site. Try this, I’m using it and it’s fine, so maybe you could find sth for you there:)

Natalia Mihailovich

Online dating can be tricky but according to experts, honesty, patience and a well thought out profile are what you need to find success. Since people are going to base their first impressions on your profile, it’s important that it’s well written. First start with your picture. Make sure it’s recent and feature one that is a head shot and another that is full body. Update photos as much as possible and feature photos of you taking part in a hobby or doing something you enjoy, that way it is not only a good photo, but also a conversation starter. As for your description, you should first say who you are and what you do. Secondly describe your personal quirks and pet peeves, make yourself stand out from the crowd. Thirdly, describe your life at present including recent movies and books you’ve enjoyed, or places you’ve visited. Be brief, unique and as honest as possible without giving out too much personal info. Use spell check and make sure to use proper grammar. Don’t give up too quickly, online dating takes a lot of patience and you can’t let yourself become discouraged. My friends and I have had a lot of success with online dating and there’s no reason why you can’t too!

Richard A

I think you should try this 2 sites (it depends if you are male of female) instead of plentyoffish.


My advice is to try this site, instead of plentyoffish (which is pure scam)

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