What do you think about online dating?


Don’t you think its a bit wrong…?
people r try to meet the love of their life online.
Usually there are full of dishonest ppl and sick people on the internet who lies about themselves.
I think online dating is dangerous and unsafe for anybody…


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not good hun trust me


i think its really wierd!

Danielle H

i have tried it. it is ok but a fwe problems with it are. you can not see the person, go on dates or jsut be with them. and lots of people get into oline realtioonshiops and then find someone who lives by them and they just go out with both because you will never know.


I was in a 7 year realtionship and after it ended I took some time to myself and then I realized its been a long time since I have dated. I took it as practice, I didn’t really think much of it and still don’t. My luck sucking I met a great girl that I accomplished more in 3 months then I could have ever imagined in my 7 year realationship but being the small world that it is it turned out that my new g/f of plenty of fish best friend happend to be the sister of the girl i dated for 7 years. My new g/f knew all my past i got tired of defending myself so I broke up with her but you know what if it wasn’t that she knew my ex’s sister or learned to let go of past it would have been a life long reatlionship

Will G

Online dating isn’t wrong, but it depends on the person. With most people, it would be much more beneficial for the person to meet people outside of the internet. This way, a person can meet another person face to face without being lied to about their looks, personality, gender, and so on.

However, some people can be just as sick and full of lies just as much as in person as online. The fact is that people have a grand capacity to lie and can do quite well in it. With enough make-up and work, a male can pass himself in person as a female or vice-versa. Someone in person can be as much of a rapist as much as a rapist online. In person, someone can put in a date-rape drug into someone else’s drink and take advantage. Online, a pedophile can arrange a meeting with a young person.

Online dating can be as dangerous as dating in person. However, the advantage of dating in person is that people can actually see and meet each other. On the flip side, the advantage of dating online allows people to date someone without the danger of being harmed in person. So it really depends on the situation.

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