what do you guys think about online dating?


do you think people that do it are weird or desperate? or are you open to new ideas?

i’m 22 and going into grad school, and to be honest, ive realized that meeting people in the bars only leads to one thing- sex. that’s not where im going to get a relationship started. ive decided to turn to online profiles just to see who else is out there because in general, i’m shy until people get to know me. but im not the kind of girl who will go up to a guy at a bar and pretend to be his best friend to get a drink out of him.

so what are your opinions on online dating? pros or cons? should i admit to my friends that i met someone online if i do? i feel like it’s almost desperate….


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I think its too risky unless you recognise the person


weird n desperate
if they werent, theyd be looking real places or able to find one by then! ppl who online date its harder for them to find someone cus theyre ugly or something

Darling Clem

I actually met my husband through an online video game. Sure, we weren’t looking for each other. We were friends for a year and dated for 3. People have these preconceived ideas of those who use the internet, but now it’s just another place to live your life. Another common interest.

I did the bar scene and it wasn’t for me. Random guys buying you drinks in hopes for an easy hookup? Not my thing.


I never understood where people get the idea that online dating is desperate, when women go to bars and clubs half naked to attract men, or that it’s anymore dangerous than meeting someone drunk for the first time at a bar. You should always take the same precautions.

In some ways, I think online dating is better because you get to focus on someone’s personality first and cut through the BS. Of course the person could be lying, but people who you’ve met in person do this too. Just don’t give out too much personal info when you do, and of course tell your friends or family if you’re going somewhere to meet someone new. The same as you would with a person you’ve met physically. You can meet someone everywhere so don’t just rely on online dating, but I know plenty of people who’ve met a lot of people that way where they probably otherwise wouldn’t.

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