Is it okay to date online


I have been registered on an online dating website for a little while now, and dont seem to be gettin anywhere. Any help and advice is welcome, and a link to my profile is


do you think people that do it are weird or desperate? or are you open to new ideas?

i’m 22 and going into grad school, and to be honest, ive realized that meeting people in the bars only leads to one thing- sex. that’s not where im going to get a relationship started. ive decided to turn to online profiles just to see who else is out there because in general, i’m shy until people get to know me. but im not the kind of girl who will go up to a guy at a bar and pretend to be his best friend to get a drink out of him.

so what are your opinions on online dating? pros or cons? should i admit to my friends that i met someone online if i do? i feel like it’s almost desperate….


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I’m going to be 21 and attend a large university. I have quite a few mates and even though I don’t want to count them as dates, I have gone out with some men on one-time dates (maybe like 3). (And these are blokes I’m not necessarily interested in.) I just can’t seem to snag someone even though I’m told I’m attractive, smart and funny. I’m just so frustrated because even some of my friends who are a bit less social..and more awkward than myself have significant others. Even my mom mentioned online dating because I need someone more mature.


Don’t you think its a bit wrong…?
people r try to meet the love of their life online.
Usually there are full of dishonest ppl and sick people on the internet who lies about themselves.
I think online dating is dangerous and unsafe for anybody…